Coloring Adult Style

Color books

Color books? Yes, please.

I fight my extra time minions almost daily. Do I spend an hour reading? Crocheting? Sewing? Gaming? Or Coloring?

Okay, it’s not really an hour. It’s more like, “oops I forgot to go to bed on time.” Let’s get serious, who reads for just an hour or crochets or games. I can get stuck playing a PC game well into the night. My husband and I are like bluebirds and owls crossing paths at 3am.

But on to coloring. My bestie, confidant, and all-time favorite coffee house buddy, Kathy, loves to color as much as I do, but recently we had an argument about outlining.

Do you? Or don’t you?

I do. She doesn’t.

I plan a color scheme.

She picks colors randomly.

So, which is better? Obviously, whichever gives your brain a break. I have books with Savannah animals, frogs, sea creatures, bugs, flowers, and garden houses. I don’t have a favorite book except that I like pictures with small lines. Yes, because I like to outline.

But more than anything, I like to color. I like to lose my day in it. I like to unwind my characters. And I’ve been known to Netflix binge while working through an intricate garden.

It’s all in a day.

~ Shannon

Enjoy these pencil links. My favorite is Ubrand.

And color books. Johanna Basford and Millie Marotta