The Forfeit

I have had the great pleasure of working with Nicolette and Grant for many years. They are my first loves. Their story precedes "Every Time You're Near" and I'm hoping that it will be released prior to Amelia and Mitchell's story. Time will tell. As for now, they are considered a prequel. A full length prequel.

Excerpt Chapter One: 

The hallway was not quite full to capacity, but still it teamed with ladies and gentleman passing through. No one took much notice. It was stuffy and most of these good people were seeking fresh air and refuge from the cramped seating. As Nicolette passed a portly man waving himself with his wife’s silk fan, she witnessed him give a nod. Not to Nicolette. His gaze swept over her head and her heart began to thrum anew.

Her dress caught, as if hooked from behind and a deep voice whispered, “Looking for privacy?”

Holding onto a smile she halted, and hissed as discreetly as possible, “Are you holding my dress?”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

Was he serious? She licked her lips. “Yes, I seek privacy.”


Excerpt Chapter Five:

Unwisely, he wished for another encounter with her. But she was young. A nineteen year old girl was old enough for a primping fop of a peacock, but not for an experienced rakehell. She’d arrogantly accused him of making seduction a game, and she wasn’t entirely wrong in thinking so.

It wasn’t her age that was off limits. It was her innocence. Miss Thomas may play a fine game of cat and mouse, but she was still protected by the confines of the maze. Out in the open, without the shelter of a dozen corners to hide behind, she was no match for him.


Part of my first draft process. Moving through 10,000 words a week to get this ready by 2019.